About Us

Hand poured in North Carolina, Poetic Flame Candles allow you to bring peace and harmony into your homes with just the light of a wick. Create whatever ambiance you're in the mood for by allowing the wide variety of aromas to balance and soothe your mind. Tranquility has never been so easily achieved.

Burning gradually and releasing their scent slowly, no matter what candle you choose or the size of the area, it is sure to fill up the space and softly linger long after the flame has gone out. The secret? The handmade soy blended candles are expertly crafted to release their oils while never losing any integrity of the chosen aromatherapy. From the first light to the last, you'll always be in love.

Nikki Giovanni asked in one of her famous poems, "Ever been kidnapped by a poet?" Just as her words describe being whisked away by the adornment of love, holding on to each capturing phrase, allow Poetic Flame Candles to guide you on a spiritual path, inviting your senses to steer and your mind and body to follow as you become at peace with your surroundings. Experience handmade comfort and contentment. Only a thumbs flick of a match away.